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[DLC] Dan lirette griefing me constantly 
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Post [DLC] Dan lirette griefing me constantly
This guy keeps griefing and harassing me.
Like everytime for the last couple/few weeks at least when hes on and i am.
He does the shoot me and heal me thing.
He's pretty good at it.
He'll he shoot me down to half then heal me before i can let myself bleed out.
(to get b3 to kick him)

He harrasses me too , but thats fine I just /ignore.
I don;t know if that mutes him in the demo too.

i googled this:

his b3 id is canada something.
age checks out and IT person.

20210123_183207_goateagle_ut4_algiers_CTF.urtdemo [1.59 MiB]
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Sat Jan 23, 2021 7:53 pm

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Post Re: [DLC] Dan lirette griefing me constantly
He has been banned from |RFA| For harassment, racism and ban evading. He is on our "Ban on sight" list...

Other known names are ..


Sun Jan 24, 2021 4:44 am

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Post Re: [DLC] Dan lirette griefing me constantly
Leaky_Anus may be a clue, we need to penetrate into Canadian health department datasheet using SQL Enterprise Manager (look it up in hackers reference book) and cross reference his name and age with all known patients with diagnosis causing anus to leak. If you need me to write the database program code (SQL) let me know

PS now that trump is gone the racism is unfunny again

Mon Jan 25, 2021 8:07 pm

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Post Re: [DLC] Dan lirette griefing me constantly
That could be our racist friend basilisk


Tue Jan 26, 2021 5:54 pm
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Post Re: [DLC] Dan lirette griefing me constantly
thugl1fe wrote:
That could be our racist friend basilisk

If stupidity was a transmissible disease you'd have made the entire human race extinct. Fuck covid. Fuck the black death. Fuck the spanish flu or ebola.

Someone should do a documentary on how you've managed to survive outside of the womb this long, and what went so horribly fucking wrong while you were still inside. Every time I read something you write I subconsciously brace myself and clench my teeth, like I'm about to be in a horrible full speed life altering collision with the impregnable wall of retard that extends around you in a ten foot radius. You're so incorrigibly, unavoidably fucking stupid that you:

1. Are currently under review with the IAEA as potentially, pound-for-pound the densest (and newest) dangerous element on Earth. Think isotopes of plutonium only with worse effects.

2: The element that is found surrounding your brain cavity carries out a similar function to vanta black paint, in the way that vanta black paint absorbs light... it absorbs all possible information before it can make it to the cavity where your brain should be but isn't. I hypothesize that there's something akin to a black hole in your skull, but even the most brazen scientist won't risk exposure trying to study you.

3. You must share at least one (1) parent with critofur. It is impossible that there are two equally useless, stupid humanoids inhabiting the same space both on Earth and on the internet that don't come from the same tainted genepool. I understand nature abhors a vacuum, but I figured it would hate you both so much more that a vacuum would be preferable to your continued existence. How you both exist defies explanation. I assumed cloning defects, or alien asexual reproduction, or some kind of weird phenomenon like the coriolis effect. I can't figure it out, but it terrifies me.

In all likelihood you won't understand a single word of what I've written but that is ok. Fuck you anyway.

Fuck you.

Sat Jan 30, 2021 4:02 am
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